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Home Health

Skilled Nursing Care

Home is where you heal.

Lets us light the way.

A Proud, in network provider for Cigna.

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Home Health

Our home health philosophy.

Here at LantRN Home Health, we recognize your care setting should be in the home, where you feel most comfortable and safe.

We want you to know that keeping you at home is our purpose.

LantRN provides in-home and concierge - skilled nursing care, tailored to your individual needs. We recognize that every BODY and treatment has its own unique set of needs.

We are here to assist you every step toward optimal well-being both physical, mental and emotional.

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Home Healthcare

Back to life as you want it.

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Hospital to Home

The client has been hospitalized, treated and ready to return home for continued recovery not requiring further hospitalization.

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Rehab to Home

The client has completed extensive rehab, met the allowable time limit in the skilled nursing facility, and desires to be in their home.

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Medical Office to Home

The client has received a new diagnosis, or has had a change with their chronic illness that requires skilled nursing support.

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Concierge Nursing

Post-operative to postpartum care

A modern approach for today's patient

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Home Health

Consult with our team

of home health experts

Skilled Nursing Care

Our purpose is to provide highly skilled nursing care taliored to our clients in the comfort of their own home.

Activities of Daily Life

Helping our clients get back on track and or gain some independence through your individualized ADL plan of care.

Companion Sitter & Respite

Bring a friend, a listening ear while providing relief for our clients, loved ones and extended family.

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Only the best care for our patients.

Adrienne Simes, MSN - LantRN, Founder and CEO

Mrs. Simes has always wanted to see her patients not only receive the best care throughout her 16-year tenure as a nurse, but she realized very quickly through those years of experience that her patients get better, sooner, at home. As a Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing graduate, Mrs. Simes has been practicing for nearly two decades. From the ER trauma floors to nursery wards and everything in between; Mrs. Simes's passion for nursing has been unwavering, even through some of the more challenging and recent global healthcare events.

As a young girl, Mrs. Simes found her calling early helping her beloved Nana caretake for her homebound Uncle Tommy, a decorated double-amputee former Korean Veteran, who not only survived the war, but polio as a young boy. It was as impressionable, as it was pivotal, and why Mrs. Simes believes patients get better quicker in the home setting.

Mrs. Simes continues to carry that family light to this very day; her passion, level of care, and advocacy she brings to each of her patients is paramount over anything else.

Care is her calling.

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Home Health

Book a consultation

Call: +1919-935-3192

Email: Hello@LantRNHomeHealth.com

Licensed and Insured

North Carolina State License number HC6953


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Business Hours

Monday through Friday

9AM to 5PM

After hour calls available for established patients.

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National Patient Safety Goals

Every year, experts in healthcare, gather data on emerging patient safety matters in-home care.

At LantRN we make it our priority to stay on the forefront of these pivotal topics with direction from evidenced-based practices.

Upon the client's carefully tailored assessment, we will be avoiding errors in-home care such as medication, falls, and burns second to oxygen use. The client's safety is our top priority.

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